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PinkyKnits - The no-needle Super Chunky Pure British Wool knitting kit!

PinkyKnits is the new and exciting way to create your very own fashion accessory. In minutes you can make a 'knitted noodle' - with only your fingers - no need for needles!! Follow step-by-step instructions, by designer Erica Knight, which are printed on the box and create either a scarf, hat, snood or simply let your imagination decide. 110g of pure, Super Chunky British Wool. Sale price:



You save £3.45 (27%)!


Support The Campaign for Wool! We love this exciting brand new 100% pure British Wool product.  We are so pleased to be one of the first to bring this product to you.  An ideal source of education for children  learning new skills and using wool, giving a sense of achievement for all.

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